Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Upcoming shows..

Here are some of the upcoming projects I have lined up!


Hitachi's Tempura (film)
Costume Designer
A MFA short film for a New York film academy director. The story is a samurai action comedy, to be shot at the beautiful Descanso Gardens.


Molly Sweeney (play)
Costume Designer
A play by Brian Friel about a blind woman who undergoes an operation to try to regain her sight. First performed in Dublin in 1994, with its New York Premiere in 1996. This production will be performed at Son of Semele Theater in Los Angeles.


Slaughter City (play)
Costume Designer
Written by Naomi Wallace, this play is a surreal exploration of the working conditions within American slaughterhouses, union politics, and the exploitation of workers. To be performed at Son of Semele Theater in Los Angeles.


Costume Designer
My design assignment for my second year at UCLA, to be performed in the Little Theater in Spring 2010. Directed by Monica Payne, it is the Euripides version of the Greek tragedy.

That's a Wrap!

So Honest Cheat has (mostly) wrapped as of last Saturday. There are three more shoot days in September, which a friend will be covering for me while I'm in China. I think everyone was really tired after 13 straight shoot days, but everything looked amazing on the monitor and I think the finished product will definitely be worth it! Here are some snaps from the last week on set:

Photographs by Laura Wong
Content © Aristides Zamora

Friday, August 7, 2009

Honest Cheat

So here I am, part of the way through the two week shoot for Honest Cheat, and things have been going really well so far! The cast and crew are all great, and we've been shooting at some really fun locations, including a really quirky downtown loft and a thrift store on Melrose. Here are some quick snaps I've taken on set, to give you a taste!

Photographs by Laura Wong
Content © Aristides Zamora

Setting up for a bus stop shot

Ace and Eva, the lead couple

Jackie, Eva's fashionista best friend

A dance scene getting ready to shoot

Two of my lovely set costumers, Anna and JoAnn!