Monday, June 29, 2009

Hello and Welcome!

Hi Everyone!

This space is for posting news tidbits of what I'm up to and pictures of the projects I'm working on. Right now, the big news is this fancy new layout I just completed for! Hopefully you have a chance to poke around and check it out.

What else is new with me? Well, here are some things that are going on this summer:

- looking for costuming gigs
- working as a stitcher at the ParticleZoo
- freelance graphic design gigs
- attempting to learn Mandarin before my trip to China in September
- researching Chinese traditional costume in preparation for my trip
- designing Gypsy (purely for my own pleasure)
- growing my own veggies in the backyard
- attempting to learn to bake my own bread and can my own jam.
- sewing reconstructed dresses to sell (fingers crossed)
- catching up on the 'ol netflix queue

Definitely a nice respite from the chaos of the school year! At this rate I should be rested and ready to go, come September.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the newly redesigned site! See you next time!

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