Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What I'm working on..

Thought I'd pop in with an update on the design projects I'm working on now:

- Molly Sweeney, to be performed at SOSE in November. Just starting up this week, with our first production meeting to happen within the week!

- Tartuffe, a paper project for design class. We'll be designing it three different ways, this quarter in contemporary France, next quarter in 17th century France, and Spring quarter in a fantasy style. Should be fun! My take on it this quarter is to play with the themes of religious hypocrisy but from the perspective of a Muslim family living in Paris. I've been having a lot of fun researching Islamic dress, as well as Parisian street style.

- Crazy, the screenplay, which was originally designed by Kristin Burke, who is teaching our "Costume Design for Film" class this quarter. She is having us design two characters from the film, to practice designing costumes for film.

- Slaughter City, also to be performed at SOSE but not until February. We'll be starting up in December, most likely, but I've been accumulating research and getting some ideas together for my design concept.

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