Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Silver Gardens!

Sorry for the long gap between posts! Things have been busy around here!

My third (and final!) year of my MFA has started up, and in addition to classes I've been finishing up two projects that I began over the summer.

The first is On Emotion, Son of Semele Ensemble's latest production, which is written by Mick Gordon and Paul Broks. It's the U.S. premiere of the play, and it revolves around Stephen, a cognitive behavioralist, his melancholy patient Anna, his daughter Lucy, and his autistic son Mark. It opened this last weekend and runs through November 15th. Information and tickets available on their website!

The second project is Silver Gardens, an MFA thesis project directed by New York Film Academy student Mehdi Khani. It has been a really fun and challenging project, giving me the opportunity to do a really wide variety of costumes from contemporary clothing to battle scenes with masked warriors, to a formal masquerade ball! Here are some photos from set to give you a taste!

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Next up for me I'm starting work on the first of my two design assignments at UCLA this year: Copenhagen for MFA director Alex Levy. It's a Tony award winning play about a controversial meeting during WWII between the physicists Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg in which they discussed the ethics of science in war. Fascinating play! Looking forward to getting started!

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